Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

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Bath Bombs 6.5oz


Fill your bath with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and relax & enjoy.


Island Vibe -

Tropical coconut fruity mix with notes of bergamot, mango, peach, lime, clementine, pear, pineapple, and raspberry.


Peach Lush -

Sunny & ripe peach layered with juicy pineapple and mixed berries.


Sweet Pink -

Sweet  blend featuring fresh melon, mixed berries, soft vanilla.


Sweet Nothings - Sunny citrus punch layered with juicy pineapple & sweet mixed berries.


Luxe Berry - Sugary & intriguing, wild blackberries, fresh lemon zest and creamy vanilla.


Just Like Candy - Sweet & sugary, fresh strawberries, sugar, and vanilla.