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Pate & Co.

Nano & Micro-Influencer 101

Nano & Micro-Influencer 101

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Nano to Micro-Influencer 101

Nano to Micro-Influencer 101

Work one-on-one with the owner of Pate and Co., Dana!

Since the latter part of 2023, Dana has organically grown her social media reach & engagement to over 100K. She has turned her social media presence into income via brand deals & sponsorships as a Nano-Influencer, having less than 4K followers on her combined social media accounts.

No influencer level is too little!

It’s all about engagement and reach!

  • Become a successful social media influencer to boost your business
  • Successfully market yourself as an expert in your selected industry
  • Learn how to create captivating branding and engaging content
  • How to obtain brand sponsorships and deals
  • And much more!!!


Start with a 20-minute consultation which includes a full influencer interview to determine your niche & needs or if you’re ready to work, book your first one-on-one course!

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